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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Jusczcyk is out for 4-6 weeks

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

Cleveland Browns v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Coming off the bye week, the 49ers made a big statement against the hyped team of the offseason, the Cleveland Browns. Under the bright lights of Levi’s Stadium, the 49ers announced to the rest of the league that they are a team to watch out for. After only winning 4 games last season, the 49ers have equaled that total in the 1st quarter of this NFL season. Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh have both sides of the team performing. This Sunday, they have a big game against division rival LA Rams on Sunday that could have huge implications for their playoff push.

If people were unsure about how good the 49ers defense was coming into Monday night, they now know. Rookie Nick Bosa was outstanding and he was the best player on the field. He was all over Baker Mayfield from the opening snap and didn’t let up all game. He finished with 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, one fumble recovery, one forced fumble, one celebration directed squarely at Baker, and one hilarious audio clip about his trash talking to Baker. In the offseason, the 49ers made no changes to the secondary, which worried many people because of their performance last season. In 4 games this season, drafting Bosa and adding Dee Ford has paid immediate results and have made this unit one of the best in the whole league.

On offense, Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman torched the Browns defense. Breida finished with 114 yards rushing with 83 coming on the 1st play of the game that led to a touchdown. He also had a touchdown reception. Coleman finished with 97 yards on 16 carries and a touchdown. The 3 headed rushing attack of Breida, Coleman, and Raheem Mostert has the 49ers currently at the top of the league in rushing with 200 yards per game.

Unfortunately, the blowout of the Browns came at a cost. FB Kyle Jusczcyk suffered a MCL injury and he will likely miss 4-6 weeks. He is a key piece in getting these running lanes open. It will be interesting to see how Kyle handles the loss of his fullback. A couple of years ago, he was criticized for paying big money for a fullback and now it is a big concern for this offense not having him available for the next month.

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