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Here are all four of Jimmy Garoppolo’s touchdowns against the Cardinals

Jimmy Garoppolo went Al Bundy. No one goes Al Bundy.

In the sitcom Married With Children, the greatest highlight of Bundy patriarch Al Bundy’s life is the four touchdowns he scored in a single game of high school football at Polk High. Well, Jimmy Garoppolo scored four touchdowns in a single game at the NFL level against the Arizona Cardinals.

Jimmy Garoppolo went Al Bundy. Tevin Coleman went Al Bundy last week. When someone goes Al Bundy, it is awesome.

These weren’t play action, disguised plays too. Garoppolo was delivering strikes by going through reads in empty backfields. And I’d like to remind you, the 49ers defense broke down Thursday night. They were not winning this game without Jimmy G. Yes, it’s the Cardinals, we need to see him do this against a Green Bay Packers defense, but the question has been can Jimmy Garoppolo throw it when it matters.

Check that box with Arizona.

Anyways, we have touchdowns to watch because these dimes are amazing. Order a pizza, sit back, and watch Jimmy G go Al Bundy.

Here’s our first touchdown. If you answered, who is Gronk, you are incorrect. This is the best tight end in football folks. A Mack truck:

Touchdown No. 2 comes to Kendrick Bourne. Check out the exchange he has with Emmanuel Sander after:

Here’s touchdown No. 3. The Cardinals had the 49ers stopped on fourth down with a Jeff Wilson run, but Kliff Kingsbury called timeout milliseconds before the ball was snapped, so the 49ers had another shot:

And our final touchdown of the night to Dante Pettis. The Cardinals were just daring Jimmy G to throw this one

There were some windows Garoppolo had to throw into and there were also some precise areas in the endzone (like the fourth touchdown) he had to hit. The 49ers won this game thanks to Jimmy G.