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Emmanuel Sanders credits Jimmy G for his “coming out party”

It didn’t take long for Sanders to go over 100 yards

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has made a bigger impact on the team in less than two weeks than he could imagine. After the game, Kendrick Bourne talked about how he’s learned little nuances from Sanders about playing the position. From getting off the line of scrimmage to recognizing coverages.

On the field, Sanders has been “decent,” as George Kittle said. The former Broncos wideout had seven receptions for 112 yards and a touchdown on Thursday night. Four of those receptions went for first downs, which is exactly what the Niners offense needed. What made it more impressive? The offense wasn’t shying away from Patrick Peterson.

Sanders gave all the credit to his quarterback. Sanders starts out talking about a key third-down reception from Garoppolo, in which Sanders calls the throw a “Dilfer Dime,” which were top throws on ESPN once upon a time. Sanders said he walked over to the sideline and Garoppolo, “man, you blinking right now,” after telling reporters Jimmy was on fire all night. By that, if you ever played the NCAA football games, when a player was hot or made big plays, they’d “blink.” It’s a pretty fantastic analogy.

I asked Sanders what’s it like to play with a quarterback that hits you in stride(an obvious jab at the last quarterback he played with), which Sanders responded:

“See, I didn’t know that. This is one of those games that Jimmy had a coming-out party for me. I’m looking forward to continuously gain chemistry with him and getting better and better. The sky is the limit.”

Sanders spoke about the similarities in San Francisco’s locker room compared to the locker rooms he’s been in that have made the Super Bowl. Judging by his energy, he’s enjoying the change of scenery.