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Seahawks claim Josh Gordon

The 49ers will face Gordon Week 10

Patriots vs Giants Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

The New England Patriots held onto Josh Gordon after the trade deadline in attempts to keep him away from a contender. That plan didn’t work, as the Seattle Seahawks claimed Gordon on Friday afternoon. Seattle was 28th. I believe in the waiver wire, so a ton of teams passed on him. That goes to show you there’s always more to it than being talented.

There were reports that Gordon’s work ethic wasn’t what it needed to be. Tom Curran covers the Patriots for NBC Sports, and he said Gordon was late to meetings, coaches were having a hard time locating him, and Gordon didn’t display. The kind of work ethic that Bill Belichick demanded. Curran’s quote was, “he was showing signs of undependability.”

Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll said he was surprised other teams didn’t claim Gordon, and the Seahawks will “see what he looks like.” Gordon won’t play Sunday, which means his first game will come at Levi’s Stadium on November 11 on Monday Night Football — adding more fuel to the fire in the Niners and Seahawks rivalry.

I don’t think Gordon has played to the level that his name carries this season. At some points, he looked hurt. Other times he didn’t seem like he was making an impact. Seattle is a great landing spot for Gordon because he can keep things simple. Run a slant, curl, and a deep route, and mix in some backyard football with Russell Wilson.

Week 10 will be fun.