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A look at how the 49ers Super Bowl odds have changed this season

Thanks to Pete Watt for sharing the info

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Every now and then, people will reach out to me with info/blogs about the San Francisco 49ers. Pete Watt has a website called Odds Checker. He created a pretty cool visual that illustrates how meteoric the 49ers season has been. It’s an odds for the Super Bowl graphic that updates as the season goes along. Here’s how Pete describe it

How the 49ers meteoric season has unnerved the oddsmakers’

San Francisco has gained plenty of plaudits and remains unbeaten – do the books think they can go all the way?

It’s no secret that the Niners are having an incredible season, laying waste to every team in their path. It’s now difficult to know who fears them the most; opposition coaches or oddsmakers.

Before a ball was kicked in September, San Francisco was 16th favorite and could be backed to win the Super Bowl at odds of +4000 or 40/1.

Put simply; this meant that a bet of $10 placed then will net $400 if they pull it off in February – but that the books only gave them a 2.4% chance of doing so.

Win after win (after win after win) has seen their slowly but surely cut, and today, they are third-favorite behind only New England and New Orleans. Another way of seeing is that the 49ers are considered 4.9 times likelier to win than they were two months ago, with current odds of +750.

If the Niners keep delivering and the Patriots slip up again… who knows?