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Kyle Shanahan on Trent Taylor: “I don’t expect him back this year, but I know he’ll be back here next year”

The 49ers head coach broke down the numerous injuries plaguing the team before their Monday night matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

Opening comments:

“Injuries for this week: questionable, we’ll have [RB] Raheem [Mostert], [T Mike] McGlinchey, [T Joe] Staley and [CB Ahkello] Witherspoon. Doubtful will be [TE George] Kittle and [K] Robbie Gould.”

Do you anticipate any other roster moves, in terms of maybe activating TE Garrett Celek or bringing up a practice squad guy for Kittle?

“Yeah, definitely a possibility. There’s really way too many moving parts with all of them and it’s not just position for position. If it was special teams and everyone connected, there’s a lot of things that we’ll probably still be deciding up to Monday. That’s what does give you an advantage with Monday, because you can make transactions on Mondays, which you can’t on Sunday.”

What gives you hope for George?

“Just because it’s George. If it was any other player, I would probably say he’s out. If it goes like this, he will be out. George isn’t a guy who needs to be out at practice. We know he’s doing everything he can and we’ll see how he feels on Monday, but things would have to change.”

If you did decide to bring Celek off of PUP, have you seen enough from him this week to say, “Okay, he’s able to play in a game?”

“Yeah, he had a real good week of practice. We only have one day of pads, though, so there’s only so much stuff like that. He obviously moves around really good right now. He’s healthy, he’s played a lot of football in his career, but you’d definitely rather give someone a few more weeks to get acclimated back into the stuff, so we’ll see if we have to make that move or not.”

And would it be TE Daniel Helm would be the other option to elevate from practice squad?

“He is the tight end on our practice squad, so, maybe. But, we could go other spots, too. Depends on how we want to balance it out. We could go short at tight ends and add to other positions. Maybe we’ll get two kickers up. You never know.”

What are you going to do at wide receiver? You have six guys that can suit up. WR Marquise Goodwin hasn’t played in the last two games. What’s his status?

“He’s healthy and he’s good to go. He had a good week of practice. It has become a much harder decision for us since [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] got here. There’s no obvious guy, especially when you throw special teams in. They all do a little bit different stuff. That’s something I’ve got a pretty good idea of how it’s going to be on Monday, but all the guys are too different for me to let it be known now. You guys will have to see on Monday.”

CB Richard Sherman was not happy after that Thursday game with the defense’s performance in the second half and he spoke about it. Do you appreciate his ability to sort of maintain that high standard despite being 8-0 and not being happy with that?

“Yeah, I think that’s who Sherm is. Sherm is extremely competitive. Usually when he’s disappointed in something, you’re going to feel it and he’ll tell you about it too. He was disappointed in a few things and I think he had every right to be. I think everyone else was also, but you hear it more from him. I love it. Whether you’re a guy who tells everyone and holds people accountable or you do it by example, as long as you’re doing it at the right time and you’re keeping it real and your intentions are right then I really respect it.”

You mentioned if Robbie can’t go Monday you are optimistic about him for the Cardinals game. Is George in a similar situation?

“Depends how it goes. I think it’s day-to-day which always when it’s day-to-day it goes to week-to-week and he’s in the same boat as Robbie. I am optimistic for both of them, but I’m hoping also, so we’ll see.”

LB Dre Greenlaw has a big responsibility filling in this week and going forward. How has he looked during practice this week?

“He looked good. He’s played a lot in base this year so he’s been out there. The game never seems too big for him. He’s used to being out there. He’s just going to be out there in all situations now. He had a good week of practice, it was nice to get a bunch more reps for him, especially in the nickel situations. I’m not worried about Greenlaw, excited to see him play.”

Has LB Fred Warner kind of taken him under his wing a little bit?

“I assume so. I mean, I don’t sit there and hang out with them off the practice field. I mean, Fred is as on it as any player I’ve been around. He knows the scheme inside and out, very talkative, helps everyone out. I’m pretty sure he has done a lot for him.”

You mentioned WR Trent Taylor had an infection. Did he have a second surgery?

“Yes. Yeah, the first surgery, you’re hoping it took about four weeks just to clear that up with Trent, so everyone knows. You do a surgery, you hope it takes about four weeks. His bone did heal, which was good, but the stuff around it got very irritated from a screw he had in there, so we had to do the surgery over again, which would have been another four weeks, which gave him a chance to be back. It was just, that’s what doubled it up. Then after the second surgery, two weeks into it, when they take the cast off to put a new one on just to see how it was, it was infected. So, they had to start that over again. So, once he had the setback for the second surgery, he was just going to go until Week 8 instead of Week 4. Once the infection happened, then he realty got behind the eight ball on that. So, it’s just, it’s been unfortunate as a guy could have. I know he’s pretty upset about it, but you know, that’s why I don’t expect him back this year but I know he’ll be back here next year and we are very glad he will be.”

When Emmanuel Sanders came in, he was playing one spot. Has it gotten to the point now, two weeks later, that he can play multiple positions for you guys?

“Yeah, the thing with our offense, just the verbiage and stuff, he plays the Z position and we can move him around to any spot. We usually have words that keep him at the Z all day. But, if we don’t have a word that can do it and we don’t want the guys to learn it, then we just tell him and one of the other people to switch positions. As long as you, whatever game plan you give Emmanuel, he gets it down pretty fast.”