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Remember when Colin Kaepernick faked out stadiums?

Lamar Jackson is making a strong case for MVP, but some of these runs remind me of when the 49ers had Kaepernick.

The San Francisco 49ers aren’t playing any football today, which means we get to watch the full slate of NFL games. One of the things that has been popping up in the Twitter feed has been a Lamar Jackson touchdown or play every two or three minutes.

Like this one:

Jackson is making a strong case for MVP with these runs. Him bouncing around like a pinball is nothing short of impressive. That said, I just gotta say one thing. Remember when Colin Kaepernick did this and faked out the entire stadium?

Or this

Or even this

Jackson has been awesome. Unlike the 49ers, it looks like the Ravens are trying to buy into this read-option-ish offense rather than use it as a transitional scheme for a young quarterback (like the 49ers did). It just seems like everyone forgot when Kaepernick did this every other week. I do wonder what Kaepernick could do as the backup right now instead of Robert Griffin III (who is in for Jackson right now and just got picked).

Given the offense the 49ers run, I’m very happy with Jimmy Garoppolo. After watching the Ravens, it just seems appropriate to remind everyone Jackson’s not the first one to turn on the jets like this.