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Memo to the wide receivers: CATCH THE [SITE DECORUM] BALL!!!!

It was not a good day for the 49ers pass catchers.

When the 49ers go into the game without George Kittle to start and lose Emmanuel Sanders in the first half, you know it’s going to get ugly. I doubt anyone knew how bad it would get.

The 49ers wide receivers dropped passes. A lot of passes. Passes that shouldn’t be dropped. No one with the letters “WR” next to their name didn’t get by without dropping something. Even Deebo Samuel, who ran with 112 yards and led the wide receivers didn’t get by without a nasty drop.

In fact, Deebo is the less nasty of the offenders we’re about to go into here due to the sheer volume of catches he had. Let’s start there. His fourth-down incompletion was a bad throw. But in the fourth quarter to start things on a slant, Deebo bobbled the ball for an eternity and eventually let it hit the ground. There were some other throws that you can’t hold against him. A deep route that probably should have been picked off late in the game comes to mind.

Outside of this, Deebo was the most productive of the Droposauruses with eight receptions on 11 targets for 112 yards. One drop like that when you look at the rest of his night? I can take that.

Next up is Marquise Goodwin. This is where it gets nasty.

Two throws to Goodwin were not the fault of the wide receiver. One sailed over Goodwin’s head that appeared to be going out of bounds, and the other was where he was well-covered. It was the third pass that bears mentioning. It was 3rd and 5, and Jimmy Garoppolo threw a pass that, while not direct, should have been hauled in. This was in the first quarter with 8:24 left, and the 49ers didn’t go back to Goodwin for the rest of the night.

Next up is Dante Pettis. He had a rough night also. The first came in the second quarter with 7:30 left, it was a tough catch to make, and I don’t fault Pettis on this one. It was the second pass that was awful. On 3rd and 14, with 2:01 to go in the first half, Garoppolo had a pass that landed right square in the hands of Pettis. He was pushed out of bounds, and the ball came out of his hands. The final pass came In overtime with 1:42 left in the game. Pettis had a ball coming into his hands and just had to haul it in. He probably didn’t have room to take off, but he could have set up a 3rd and five. Instead, he dropped it.

This is already a horror movie, but I like psychotic horror. That kind of horror that makes you question life so much as you get scared. Right. I’m about to talk about Kendrick Bourne. I mean, how can you criticize him after this:

Well, I’ll show you how. With this:

Bourne...what the hell? Eight targets for Bourne that netted him four receptions. And I haven’t even gotten to the other nasty drops. The worst? A fourth-quarter 3rd and 8, placed right in his hands, and had he secured it, he might have been in the endzone. Instead, it’s a juggle where it goes up, and it should have been picked off. How the Seattle defender didn’t hold onto it, we may never know. Torment, I suppose. Bourne did manage to get the catch for the two-point conversion late in the game, but really, he gets the TD there on that drop, and this game might have been over.

So, I’m not sure who needs to pass the memo around to the 49ers wide receivers, but you’re paid to, well, receive. IE CATCH THE [SITE DECORUM] BALL!

Coach them up, Kyle Shanahan. Coach them up.