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Emmanuel Sanders, Ronald Blair, getting MRIs, Azeez Al-Shaair in the concussion protocol

More injuries.

The biggest problem of the 2018 San Francisco 49ers? Injuries.

The biggest problem of the 2019 San Francisco 49ers? Drops. Oh and injuries.

The 49ers went into their Monday Night Football contest against the Seattle Seahawks already wounded, having lost George Kittle and Robbie Gould, both of which hurt through the night, but it just got worse. First Emmanuel Sanders left early with a rib injury. From the play it looked like slight push-jab. Regardless, Sanders left for the sidelines and didn’t return. Sanders is set to get an MRI on Tuesday and we’ll know what is going on. If it’s a rib injury you should A: expect anywhere from three-six weeks and B: not envy him in the slightest, from experience those things hurt. It hurts to just turn over in bed. Losing Sanders for any extent of time hurts for two reasons. One, that’s not exactly what the 49ers paid for with that pick, but even worse is if Monday’s game is any indication, he’s the only one outside of George Kittle who can consistently catch the ball.

Ronald Blair was next on the list having gone down pursuing Russell Wilson with a nice tackle to stop him from doing Russell Wilson things. While Wilson called for a facemask flag (and there was no such thing), Blair was seen clutching his knee. Like Sanders, Blair is off for an MRI on Tuesday. Losing him would also be huge as he’s been fresh depth on that defensive line.

And finally, just to round things out Azeez Al-Shaair. His first start and he’s heading into concussion protocol. The 49ers may pick someone up if he’s not good to go against the Cardinals Sunday.

Meanwhile we wait on D.J. Jones and Matt Breida who had a groin and ankle injury respectively but did not return to the game.

When it rains it pours. The 49ers managed to get around the injury bug, but that thing just doesn’t go away. We’ll update you with anything we get tomorrow.