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Colin Kaepernick invited for workout in Atlanta

Here we go

We have some Colin Kaepernick news! Per Adam Schefter, NFL clubs have been informed that a private workout for Colin Kaepernick is scheduled for Saturday in Atlanta. The workout includes fieldwork and an interview.

The big point to take from this is this was scheduled by the NFL, not by Kaepernick. So this isn’t some throwing session in Houston to be broadcast on YouTube.

It doesn’t come with its issues, however. Kaepernick didn’t know about the workout until ESPN did. Furthermore, it’s been said these types of workouts are held on a Tuesday, but Kaepernick’s is on a Saturday when team representatives are traveling for Sunday’s games or scouting college. Kaepernick’s representatives did try to reschedule, but the NFL wouldn’t budge.

Given how strange the whole premise of this is, Kaepernick has asked for a list of who will be attending to verify the legitimacy. Per the Ringer’s Tyler Tynes, the NFL will be supplying that list.

So anything suspicious with this? Yes. Mike Freeman has said as much citing an NFC West team official calling it “a sham.” The NFL has been taking a huge hit in the PR department regarding its handling of Kaepernick. The fact so many NFL teams have taken other quarterbacks instead of Kaepernick, without even a workout, has become a punchline. The “I know a guy” statement has been popular with all the injuries through the league. So maybe this is all a publicity stunt for the NFL to say, “Look at us.”

We won’t know until Saturday. If he doesn’t have a job after this, maybe there will be some clarification of why they still don’t want him.