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PFF grades and snap counts from the 49ers/Seahawks Monday night game

The defense was better than you thought and Jimmy G was worse, per . PFF

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers got off to a hot start against the Seattle Seahawks, and it looked like the team was well on their way to another victory. Costly mistakes prevented a win from happening. Here are the PFF grades and snap counts on both sides of the ball.

Offense-83 snaps total

Those ten snaps Richburg missed proved to be costly, as did the time Sanders missed. Shanahan can only scheme so much, but when there is only one reliable target, and he’s a rookie, it makes it tough.

With Breida expected to miss time, divvying up the Coleman and Mostert snap counts will be something to keep an eye on. It felt like whenever Mostert was in, he was going to get the ball. That obviously wasn’t the case, but just something to look for.

While we’re here, I suggested that Juice/Dwelley would switch roles occasionally. Dwelley ended up playing five snaps at fullback, and Juszczyk played nine snaps at tight end.

Top five offensive grades

Samuel 75.5

Sanders 70.2

Mostert 69.5

Staley 65.6

Coleman 60.3

I have an unpopular take:

The fumbling is something I can’t argue against. Mostert fumbles about once every 28 touches. Coleman once every 103 touches over their respective careers.

Not having Samuel on the winner’s list was wrong. He had a big drop, but he also was the only person Jimmy G could throw the ball to and create for himself. Samuel had eight catches for 112 yards, and five of those went for first downs. He’s a tank to bring down as he broke four tackles.

Staley may surprise some, Staley was credited for allowing three pressures but had the best run-blocking grade of all the offensive linemen.

Bottom five offensive grades

Pettis 50.1

Breida 50.1

Juszczyk 48.9

Garoppolo 44.1

Goodwin 39.9

It was a rough game for Goodwin, who didn’t come onto the field after the first series. Shanahan drew up plays for Goodwin, and he didn’t take advantage of his opportunities. The same can be said for Pettis, who actually created separation, but couldn’t finish.

Garoppolo was 0-6 with a 39.6 passer rating when throwing to those two. It may be time to pull the plug on those two, but that would require having someone else to throw it to. Speaking of Jimmy G, he put the ball in harm’s way himself, and a lot of the poor receiver play overshadowed that. The offensive line didn’t protect him. The receivers were bad. Garoppolo wasn’t great, either. All of these can be true.

Defense-73 snaps

To put into perspective how well the defense played:

Thirteen players graded above average for San Francisco. Five players were over 85, and two were over 90. The worry coming into this game was how Greenlaw would hold up. He missed two tackles but did a nice job in coverage in regards to limiting the big play. He didn’t look lost or overwhelmed.

Buckner being able to play a full game essentially at his size week in and week out is one of the more under-appreciated feats on this team. Armstead is right there with him. The value that those two have cannot be understated.

Top five defensive grades

Tartt 90.8

Jones 90.1

Bosa 88.1

Williams 85.7

Ward 85.3

Tartt had one of the more impressive plays you’ll see when he fought for three yards to force a fumble on D.K. Metcalf. Both he and Ward took away routes all evening down the field, and that was a big reason for the 49ers’ success.

Jones had the monster sack and was in line for a big night against Seattle’s backup center before leaving with an injury.

Bosa had a few plays where he missed the tackle and was over-aggressive, but the Seahawks couldn’t block him.

Williams may be the best run defender on the team. I feel confident in saying he slips blocks better than any linebacker.

Bottom five defensive grades

Lee 70.2

Blair 66.7

Ford. 64.5

Day 55.9

Al-Shaair 25.5

Al-Shaair gave up two targets for 22 yards, and one of those went for a first down. His head was spinning a bit out there.

This was the first game where it felt like Ford didn’t have an impact. He hasn’t played a heavy amount of snaps all season, but he’s made his presence felt. We didn’t see that on Monday night.