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Report: 49ers will have scouts at Colin Kaepernick’s workout Saturday

They have no need for a quarterback, but at least they are showing up.

We can question the legitimacy of Colin Kaepernick’s workout all we want, but teams will be there in some capacity. This includes teams in no need of a quarterback. And of those teams, there’s that one team that drafted Kaepernick, but with a coaching change decided he wasn’t the type of quarterback they wanted. Per Matt Maiocco, the 49ers will have scouts at Kaepernick’s Saturday workout.

And that’s really all there is. The 49ers will be there. Kyle Shanahan already hinted at this in his Wednesday press conference, but from the way he said it, it sounded like it was the 49ers doing their due diligence.

Who is attending and what they are looking for hasn’t been revealed, but Kaepernick’s former team will be a part of whatever group of spectators arriving. Meanwhile, other teams such as the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears have decided not to give Kaepernick a look. The former has been trying to develop Kyle Allen but also has a huge question mark behind that with Cam Newton on IR. The latter has Mitch Trubisky...that’s all you need to know there. They are fine with Mitch Trubisky.


It’s still interesting what decision-makers and/or level of scouting seniority will be sent to this workout. The whole issue has been that this is a Saturday workout. Something odd since most of these types of things happens on a Tuesday. The typical move is scouting college and getting ready for Sunday’s games, which is why a Saturday workout for a veteran is strange. The other odd thing is that Kaepernick found out around the same time everyone else in the football-watching world did.

I’ll just leave it with this quote from former 49ers Safety Eric Reid: