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Denial of transparency requests, strange waivers, force Kaepernick to move workout to alternate location

Chess move

Colin Kaepernick’s workout was scheduled to happen at the Atlanta Falcons’ facility Saturday. Keyword there: “Was.”

The workout has been moved to a different location. His representatives have released a statement:

This whole thing was strange from the outset as we described earlier. The big thing to take here is the NFL was forcing Kaepernick to sign a different liability waiver as opposed to the normal liability waiver. Why? Your first guess could be the right one.

Kaepernick requested transparency and the NFL denied it, which appears strange. I’m not sure on the consistency of adhering to such requests in NFL workout history, but it’s obvious why Kaepernick wants film crews available for this particular workout of a quarterback and I don’t blame him.

The fact the NFL is handing him different waivers than what’s standard is the other oddity (along with everything else leading up to it). In any case, Kaepernick has made a chess move. He got everyone into Atlanta and now moved the workout to another location. The NFL wanted things esoteric, and Kaepernick wants everyone to see this. There’s 24 teams on the list to attend the workout, so now the question comes if they will show up at the alternate location along with the media.

This would not make it an “Official” NFL workout, I believe. I’m not sure really what’s official anymore when you’re having a potential quarterback workout on a Saturday (instead of a Tuesday) and sign forms different than what is usually signed. We’ll have more on attendance and any video later today if it surfaces.

Pat’s Update: If anyone wants to watch the workout, we have it streamed below thanks to Fooch over at DKNation: