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Ross Dwelley is having himself a day

Two touchdowns that should be three. That is all.

The San Francisco 49ers came out sluggish to start their home game against the Arizona Cardinals and are now getting back into things with a 17-16 lead. That’s two touchdowns and both are from tight end Ross Dwelley.

I said two touchdowns. It should be three, but an absolute garbage holding call got slapped on Weston Richburg that brought touchdown No. 3 back and forced the 49ers to kick a field goal to end the half.

My guess is we misheard and the 49ers were flagged for a man being so wide open it was unfair and they were penalized 10 yards

I got both the plays below. There is still a lot of football left and the 49ers were knocking on the door with a genius drive until Jimmy Garoppolo threw a pick. It looked like a dumb decision, but the ball was tipped when I saw the replay. It doesn’t dismiss Garoppolo, but it’s not near as bad as you originally thought.

First touchdown

Second touchdown