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The 49ers are 9-1 and have their first winning season since 2013. Today was a good day

Six more games to go.

There’s a lot of things to break down after that win today, but for now, I’m out of wind and energy. That was an emotional roller coaster and yet another game the 49ers don’t win in 2018.

Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t need a first down, he needed a touchdown to put this away and what does he do? Hits Jeff Wilson on a casino blitz to put the game away. Garoppolo makes dumb throws every game, but he’s also inexperienced. Go compare his numbers to Aaron Rodgers through 10 games in 2008, you’ll see the two are very similar.

But now the truly hard gauntlet begins. First up, the Packers. That is a winnable game, it also will be a huge test for the 49ers defense. A unit that showed up when it mattered today, but broke down at the worst possible moments as well.

As far as the offense, I think we saw today, if the offense gets out of its own way no one is beating them. This is the largest regular season deficit since 2011. Remember what happenened then? NFC Championship game. The fact the 49ers dug themselves out of the hole and went on to win should speak wonders for them. And I don’t care if it’s the Arizona Cardinals—they are not a bad team by any stretch. The Miami Dolphins are a bad team.

The 49ers just need to get healthy. George Kittle and Ross Dwelley? With Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd? Oh man. That offense is going to be something lethal when all of that settles and next year I don’t know how you can stop them if they stay healthy. If.

For now, today was a good day. THe 49ers have the first winning season since 2013, and as Kyle said, patience was all he needed.

Stay faithful my friends.