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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 9-1: The refs were so bad we have to talk about them

Blake Murphy from Revenge of the Birds joins us to discuss

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Note: Kyle has a new mic!

The San Francisco 49ers dramatically beat the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. We’ve discussed the winners and losers, but we didn’t talk about the referees. I try to stay from talking about the zebras because it is a difficult job, and you’re bound to miss a few calls a game. You don’t expect to see several egregious penalties in a game.

Ross Dwelley had a touchdown called back because Weston Richburg “held” the defender.

When you’re around the game of football a lot, whether covering a team or coaching, you lose a lot of the typical “fan” emotion. That’s been the case with me and football for a few years now. You know it’s bad when I react to a play.

To be fair, the calls weren’t just in favor of the 49ers. There were 20 total penalties in the game, and I’d guess half of those were questionable flags.

On the latest podcast, Blake joins me again as we discuss the following:


-Jimmy G/Kyler

-Why a comeback isn’t always a good thing

-Shanahan’s in-game adjustments

-One play that changed the game

-A positional battle that won the game

-Player of the game

-Prediction record to end the season

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