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Which game left on the 49ers schedule are you looking forward to seeing the most?

There are plenty of options

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers face what’s being referred to as a “gauntlet” the final half of the season. The “worst” teams on the schedule have quarterbacks that can beat you in Kyler Murray and Matt Ryan. We’ve seen what Murray can do, and the Falcons are red-hot. Aside from them, the other teams on the Niners schedule are all legitimate playoff contenders. Let’s make an argument for the four toughest teams remaining on the schedule, and you can determine which game you’re looking forward to the most.

Week 12 vs. Green Bay

The 49ers get another primetime game at home, so it’s easy to look forward to a matchup against Aaron Rodgers under the lights. The Packers are one of the best offenses in the NFL. Their defense is young and athletic but will give up plays. This will be an exciting game with plenty of action.

Week 13 @ Baltimore

The Ravens are now must-see TV, and it isn’t because of their defense. They have the most exciting player in football, Lamar Jackson. For me, this is the game I’m looking forward to the most. You have a defensive line that has controlled the line of scrimmage all season against the best rushing offense in football by a long shot. It’s not as significant since this is an out of conference game, but these are still two of the best teams in the NFL.

Week 14 @ New Orleans

Three Hall of Fame quarterbacks in a row. The defense will be tested by three different styles of offense. It may not be popular, but this is a good matchup for San Francisco defensively. The Saints have a stud running back and wideout, but the 49ers haven’t had issues stopping one or two stars.

The Saints’ defense is what will make this game a challenge. They have studs on the defensive line that will be difficult to stop. This is a possible playoff preview.

Week 17 @ Seattle

I can’t handle another week of the Field Gulls coming over here and acting like they are, ya know, as good as their record. They aren’t. We can’t say that when the 49ers lose, despite everything that occurred during the game. Instead of talking about the matchup, I give you this:

Which of the four games listed above are you looking forward to the most?


Which game do are you looking forward to most?

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