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Kyle Shanahan comes in with the victory speech

Gameball, one Jimmy G.

We’re going into a good weekend with the San Francisco 49ers getting the monkey off their back that is the Arizona Cardinals. We’ve done a lot of breaking down for the game thus far, but one thing that gets you is Kyle Shanahan’s post-game victory speech to the team.

First of all, he rightly gives Jimmy Garoppolo a game ball. Garoppolo earned that ball for the way he played. From there, Shanahan reminds the team of the second half of the season.

These remind me of Steve Young’s speeches. Young would give a speech on the first half of the season and then one when the post season started to motivate the team. The post season was called the “39 days speech” and used when the 1994 49ers won the Super Bowl.

We’re a long ways away from talking Super Bowls, but Shanahan’s speech (and subsequent approval of time off) is pretty awesome. The way that room erupts is certainly something.

Next up is the Seattle Seahawks.