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How Kyle Shanahan created a gameplan and pounded the Panthers

Film Analysis by Alex Rollins

Kyle Shanahan is the greatest offensive mind in the NFL, we’ve been hearing that for the better part of this season, but is it true? His offensive genius was on full display in the 51-13 blowout of the Panthers, upon further review, Shanahan used a play that had already worked against the Panthers back in 2018. In week 14 of last year, The Cleveland Browns ran a play called “Wing Back Trap,” and scored a 4-yard touchdown with Jarvis Landry. Fast forward to Week 1 in 2019, and the Rams used the same play for a 20 yard gain. Then in week 6, the Rams used the same play against the 49ers. So, Shanahan had seen two teams use this play against the Panthers, and carefully set them up in the first half to attack them with it in the second half. The result? A 20 yard run from Deebo Samuel. This video analyzes Shanahan’s gameplan from the Week 8 victory against the Panthers.

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