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Report: George Kittle played first Cardinals game with a broken bone in ankle

This guy is going legend. Oh, and yikes!

Update: Being that Schefter’s report specifies a “bone” in the ankle and not the ankle itself, we’re going to emphasize that it might not be a “Broken ankle”

The big question surrounding George Kittle’s injury that has kept him out of commission with the Seattle Seahawks and the second game against the Arizona Cardinals was what exactly was the injury. Kittle was optimistic he’d be be back and Kyle Shanahan wasn’t talking about how severe it was. Now we might have a better idea. ESPN’s Adam Shefter reports that Kittle suffered a broken ankle against the Cardinals.

Remember, this wasn’t something that took him off the field. Kittle got injured and then returned to the field to score a touchdown. Carrying several Cardinals players on his back on the play where he did so. It’s not confirmed if the initial injury was the ankle or if the injury happened later in the night separately, but Kittle finished the game. With a broken ankle.

The 49ers plan on using Kittle for Sunday Night Football barring a disaster during a workout. If that’s the case I’d expect Kittle to be limited in snaps given the injury. All injuries are different, but a broken ankle is a broken ankle. The 49ers need Kittle right now, but they will need him even more in the playoffs. Expect a pitch count. He’s been seen practicing with a blue non-contact jersey so that’s definitely progress and if this was a significant break he wouldn’t be setting foot on the field.

The injury was also a mystery. It almost seemed like the 49ers were dodging the question on revealing the extent of the injury. There’s still the knee that Kittle bashed on an opposing player’s helmet earlier in the same game, but it looks like the ankle has been the thing limiting him.

Oh yeah and George Freaking Kittle. Finishes an NFL game on a broken ankle. That’s some legend stuff right there.