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The 49ers are 10-1, you know what kind of day it is

Stop making excuses. The 49ers are here to take it all.

There are three teams I hate losing to: The Dallas Cowboys, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Green Bay Packers.

This makes me super super happy. I’ve gone over the rivalry before, but the San Francisco 49ers handed Aaron Rodgers his worst day as a pro in some respects. Not even Vic Fangio could do that. This 49ers defense is something special and if the offense will stop screwing around early, it’s got something special too.

And on a unrelated note, the Defense did all the above stuff I mentioned without Dee Ford.

Oh and Nick Bosa is still good. That Shoryuken he busted to start the game pretty much finished the game too.

And Jimmy Garoppolo is special. Yeah, I said it. I said he’s learning, but we’ve seen the ceiling. Completing 70 percent of your passes and getting a 145 passer rating is definitely some of that ceiling. And make no mistake about it: The Packers are a good defense. They have regressed a bit in recent weeks, but that is not the Arizona Cardinals that the 49ers carved up. So if you’re going to come in here and say Garoppolo isn’t for real, go back and watch the highlights, now you know. This is what happens when they have Emmanuel Sanders and Kittle on the field the whole game.

The 49ers are 10-1 and control their destiny. They have a tough tough game against the Baltimore Ravens, but also the New Orleans Saints. If they run the gauntlet, feel good. Feel real good. Enjoy this night, this was the victory to have and the 49ers not only got it, but they clamped down on the necks of the Packers and didn’t let go beginning two minutes into the first quarter.

This team is special. Enjoy the evening folks.

Stay faithful my friends.