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NFL Power rankings: Week 13 will feature the two best teams in the NFL

The 49ers vs. Ravens has all the makings for the game of the year

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers destroyed Green Bay on Sunday night football. The defense was lights out, and the offense was efficient. That’s San Francisco’s brand of football and recipe for success in 2019. In the NFL’s latest Power Rankings, the Niners’ remained No. 1, as they should.

Previous rank: No. 1

They’re No. 1 in the Power Rankings for a reason. The 49ers welcomed one of the best teams in the NFL into their building and made the Packers look like an XFL expansion franchise. The Niners led 10-0 after one quarter and 23-0 at the half, but the most ruthless bit of domination came after Green Bay trudged down the field and finally cracked the end zone to get on the board in the third quarter. San Francisco answered Aaron Rodgers’ 13-play, nearly nine-minute march with a two-play, 75-yard siege that culminated with George Kittle’s game-icing 61-yard touchdown. One can imagine Rodgers watching that play unfold with serious tight end envy. The Packers won’t admit as much, but the last thing they want to do is return to Levi’s Stadium for a playoff rematch. It’s the type of butt-whipping that leaves mental scars with the opposition.

You know how when you watch a game and feel like a lead is insurmountable? After McLaughlin’s 27-yard field goal with just over two minutes to make it 13-0, that’s how I felt. I know the Packers have Aaron Rodgers, but the way the game was flowing, it didn’t appear that Green Bay was going to string together any resemblance of a comeback. I felt that way knowing San Francisco was getting the ball before the half. A 42-yard touchdown and another field goal made it 23-0 at the half. So I disagree with the writer because the game was well in hand before Kittle’s touchdown. I do agree that Green Bay does not want to see San Francisco in the playoffs. To be fair, I’m not sure what NFC team would.

As for the rest of the NFC West, Seattle remained at No. 4, the Rams dropped four spots to No. 15, while the Cardinals stayed up at No. 26.

The real story is next Sunday’s game. The Baltimore Ravens are No. 2 in the Power Rankings. Many believe the Ravens and 49ers are the two best teams in the league, but for very different reasons. The prevailing thought is that the 49ers defense is carrying them, while it’s the Ravens offense that is doing the heavy lifting. The other side of the ball complements both teams. I don’t think the 49ers offense or the Ravens defense gets enough credit for how good they are.

We’ll find out Sunday.