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Throwback Thursday: Those jive turkey gobblers

When Alex Smith was criticized, his coach had his back with some great name calling.

So where do I start with this? I wanted to get you guys something to read for Thanksgiving so you could get away from the relatives, and this is more than adequate. The day Jim Harbaugh called critics “jive turkey gobblers.”

Rolls right off your tongue.

Back in 2012, Alex Smith was playing some of the best football of his career. Much like Jimmy Garoppolo in 2019, some were not sold, giving Smith the backhanded compliment of a game manager.

In late October, the 49ers were set for a divisional game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were having an unexpected good start to their season having beaten the New England Patriots in New England among other highlights.

Then came the 49ers. And then came plays like this:

The 49ers went on to win 24-3.

What came next was the highlight of the night. A Jim Harbaugh press conference where he was asked about Alex Smith’s performance and the questions that surrounded Smith. Well Harbaugh responded with this (turn up your speakers):

Gobble, Gobble, turkey from jive turkey gobblers.

I’d like to point out this right here was why everyone loved Harbaugh. He could be abrasive, but he was our abrasive weirdo.

Since then the gobble, gobble press conference has been a go-to for Thanksgiving, and here we are to bring it up again. Of course Alex Smith lost his job to Colin Kaepernick a few weeks later, but for now, you jive turkey gobblers are warned.

Watch your gobble gobble today.