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How satisfied with the 2019 49ers draft class are you halfway into the season?

Halfway in, lets see how you like this class overall.

Week 8 is a wrap for the San Francisco 49ers, and they are halfway done with their regular-season schedule. We are now getting an idea of what the 2019 San Francisco 49ers are, and the tape shows it’s a filthy, destructive, and a very good team.

A strong 2019 draft class helps this. Based on their schedule, the 49ers picked second and started allocating players from there, beginning with defensive end Nick Bosa and finishing things with cornerback Tim Harris.

The draft class has certainly helped. Nick Bosa is working not just on defensive rookie of the year, but the defensive player of the year. Deebo Samuel is becoming a positionless ball carrier; capable of catching the ball and also taking handoffs. And let’s not forget Punterville’s hero, Mitch Wishnowsky, who had himself a game Thursday night pinning the Cardinals in their 10-yard line on more than one occasion.

But then there were some duds. Kaden Smith is no longer with the team, having been cut early into the season, and Tim Harris was placed on IR. Jalen Hurd has also been sent to injured reserve, but the 49ers may be able to utilize him once he returns in a few weeks.

We’ve got some good, and we got some bad, but the 49ers will be building around this and their two drafts prior. They don’t have a second or third-round pick in 2020 because of the decisions they’ve made and the team constructed.

But 2019 in particular: how satisfied are you with this draft class eight weeks into the season? Do you like what the 49ers did, or do you think this draft has under-delivered in your eyes? I’ve placed each pick below and a link to their draft post if you want to see what we thought when they were picked on draft day.

1. First round: No. 2 overall Nick Bosa, Defensive end, Ohio State

2. Second round: (36 overall)Deebo Samuel, Wide receiver, South Carolina

3. Third round: (67 overall)Jalen Hurd, Wide receiver, Baylor

4. Fourth round: (110 overall) Mitch Wishnowsky, Punter, Baylor

5. Fifth round: (No. 148) Dre Greenlaw, linebacker, Arkansas

6. Sixth-round: (No. 176) Kaden Smith, tight end, Stanford

7. Sixth-round: (183 overall) Justin Skule, OT, Vanderbilt

8. Sixth-round: (198 overall) Tim Harris, CB, Virginia


What grade do you give the 2019 49ers draft class after half the season is completed?

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