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How the 49ers embarrassed Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

Alex breaks down Sunday night football’s blowout victory for San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers completely demolished the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football, have completely shut up each and every one of the haters. Coming into the matchup, the 49ers pressured the opposing QB at a league-leading 31.5%. Against the Packers, that number jumped to 67%. The 49ers constructed a gameplan to blitz more than usual, between their defensive line and extra heat, they completely embarrassed the Packers offense.

An integral part of their plan was rotating coverage towards Davante Adams, who only gained 43 yards. Using “Rita” and “Lou” rotations, Adams had difficulty getting open. On the offensive side of the ball, George Kittle ran a “Rage” route, which is a variation off of the 49ers “Burner” concept. The Packers ran the exact same concept, but the play was not executed properly.

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