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49ers are the only unbeaten team in the NFL

Forget the NFC, they are the best in the league...right now

There’s a lot of the “yeah, but” arguments on the San Francisco 49ers and their opponents. Here’s a good “yeah, but,”: yeah, but, the 49ers are the only team that hasn’t lost.

The New England Patriots suffered a shellacking on Sunday Night Football at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson. A shellacking to the tune of 37-20. The Patriots made a bit of a game in the first half, but the Ravens had some fun in the second half, including a clutch goalline carry by Jackson where he backstroked the ball across the plane.

It’s funny what happens when the New England Patriots play a good team. They almost lost to the Buffalo Bills (who are in no way bad), but the Bills had to resort to a backup quarterback; a scenario which spells doom for 85 percent of teams that have to go that route. There was also the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had Ben Roethlisberger in a sloppy Week 1. Beyond that? Well, if you want to toss the Cleveland Browns in there, go ahead, but it’s getting pretty obvious the Browns have their own set of issues that has trickled into giving them only two wins. One of those wins is against the Ravens, interestingly enough.

With the Patriots falling, the 49ers remain the last unbeaten team in the NFL and now the target on their backs has grown. They have the Seattle Seahawks a week from today on Monday Night Football and while Seattle has been pulling last-minute win after last-minute win, they have displayed Russell Wilson’s strong candidacy for MVP.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have gotten wins over Washington (without playing in a swamp) and the Miami Dolphins, the 49ers have been dominating teams like the Carolina Panthers (who won against the Tennessee Titans this weekend), The Los Angeles Rams (the second game will be interesting with Jalen Ramsey), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who almost gave Seattle a run for its money Sunday. While you can argue the 49ers haven’t played anyone, neither have the Patriots for that matter and compared to New England, the 49ers have had better quality of opponents. Yes, I know New England is the champ, which is why they get the free pass, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Something else to keep in mind? When listening to the broadcast tonight it was brought up how the Patriots were missing their left tackle. OK, well the 49ers are missing both their offensive tackles, their fullback, and they still did this to a decent defense.

I don’t want this to turn into a full-on comparison of the 49ers to the Patriots, I’m just here to tell you that the 49ers are the only unbeaten team left in the NFL. Every year that honor says something.

Yeah, but, 2019 is no different.