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49ers LB Dre Greenlaw knows he can’t replace Kwon Alexander, and he isn’t trying to.

The 49ers rookie linebacker spoke about how he expects Seattle to attack the defense

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

All eyes will be on San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw when the team hosts the Seattle Seahawks in what should be the best game of Week 10. This will be Greenlaw’s first taste of a rivalry game, and he’ll see his first significant playing time under the bright lights. Greenlaw spoke about the pressure that comes with replacing Kwon Alexander, who was playing at an extremely high level this season for the Niners.

“It’s not about what I got to pick up or what I have to do like Kwon to go do something,” It’s about me doing what I’ve been doing since training camp and since the preseason. I feel like I bring good speed to the room, running, tackling, and I have to continue to do that. With the teammates I have, and the guys around me, that should be enough.”

That’s a great way to approach the situation. What can you bring to the table? I like how Greenlaw mentioned his surroundings, too. San Francisco isn’t exactly hurting for talent on defense.

Greenlaw is now the team’s “Will” linebacker with Alexander gone. So he goes from playing ten snaps a game on the strong-side of the formation, to 60-70 snaps a game on the weak-side. Here is Dre on the position change:

“I’ve had a couple position changes. Last game, I had to process things a little different. I knew what they were doing, the plays they were running, but at the same time, it’s about understanding my fits. I was slightly more hesitant than I usually am at the Will spot. Just because the last few weeks, I’ve been focused so much at Sam.”

His honesty is refreshing. Greenlaw was hesitant. There were a couple of run plays where there was a pulling lineman, and the split-second hesitation by Greenlaw was all Kenyan Drake needed to get by the speedy linebacker. A week’s worth of practice and film study will make a world of difference for Greenlaw.

On the Better Rivals podcast, they mentioned how Seattle had run the fewest screens in the NFL. Judging by the Cardinals’ success, I bet we see screens, draws, and zone reads from Russell Wilson and company.

Greenlaw isn’t sure how Seattle will attack the 49ers defense, but expects to know after the first 15 scripted plays:

“I get smarter and smarter every game, just understanding what I’m supposed to do and how things are supposed to fit, and where they’re trying to attack us. We really don’t know how the Seahawks are going to attack us, but the first 15 plays will show. For me, it’s about watching film, being prepared and just taking my assignment from the practice field to the game field and executing it there.”