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Last time Jimmy Garoppolo faced the Seahawks, it started an era

A look at one of the most uplifting blowouts in memory.

The 2017 San Francisco 49ers were a young team. They also stunk. The difference between this team and the teams before it that were just as painful to watch was you at least saw identity and nothing more iconic than this touchdown to end a blowout suffered at home to the Seattle Seahawks:

The game ended 24-13, but with the way the crowd went nuts at that touchdown in the final seconds, you’d think that was The Catch IV.

This play signaled the beginning of an era. What followed after this crummy game was a five-game winning streak to close out the season and confidence that finally, after three departing head coaches in as many years, the 49ers may have found some stability and special players.

You saw what they were trying to accomplish and what they wanted to do. One of my more overused phrases during the Jim Tomsula era and Chip Kelly era was, “It’s not that they lose, but how, they lose. Through the losing of 2017, it was a refreshing change to see a team playing hard for a head coach and knowing what they had to do. The ridiculous dart sling playcalling of yesteryear was gone, and schemes, real football schemes were being used again. When Jimmy Garoppolo entered the field, there was just something special that can’t be described.

So this all happened because C.J. Beathard took a nasty hit and went down with just seconds left. Beathard maybe Stretch Armstrong in terms of physical punishment, but even Stretch can get battered, and Beathard took a nasty blow. In entered Jimmy G and the few plays that followed were magical. It didn’t mean much to the league, but the fans knew they saw something.

I have his entire drive here, but the DMCA biscuits probably will block it by the time you see it, so go here if that’s the case.