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Trent Taylor not expected back in 2019, per Kyle Shanahan

Suddenly, having seven wide receivers seems genius

Trent Tayor’s superb training camp will be the only thing talked about for his 2019 campaign. Kyle Shanahan said the wide receiver, who suffered a broken foot during the preseason, is not expected to return this season.

First Taylor was seen back in a few weeks, then IRed and now with further setbacks in his recovery, Shanahan doesn’t have much optimism.

“His bone did heal, which was good,” Shanahan said during his Saturday press conference, “but the stuff around it got very irritated from a screw he had in there, so we had to do the surgery over again, which would have been another four weeks, which gave him a chance to be back. It was just, that’s what doubled it up.”

Upon removing the cast, doctors found the Taylor’s foot infected. Which, once again, made everyone start from scratch.

“That’s why I don’t expect him back this year,” Shanahan said describing the ordeal, “but I know he’ll be back here next year and we are very glad he will be.”

Trent Taylor’s rookie season indicated a bright future. When Jimmy Garoppolo took over under center, Taylor quickly became “Mr. Third Down”; a reliable catcher to move the sticks for the 49ers when it mattered most. Since that rookie season, Taylor fought injuries in 2018, and very well could miss his entire 2019 season.

The 49ers kept seven wide receivers on the roster in the cut-down to the 53-man roster. This was seen as insurance for Jalen Hurd and Taylor who were both expected back at some point, but weren’t ready to go by Week 1. Seven is an awful lot of wide receivers, but at this point, the decision seems to be genius as it had the 49ers well prepared for disaster.

If Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t a good idea before, that move is a no-brainer at this point. Hopefully we can see Taylor do some damage in 2020.