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Sunday Night Football has the Patriots visiting the Texans

Hard to focus after that gut-wrenching loss today, but such is life.

It’s hard to really focus on what could be a fun game this evening after you watch the San Francisco 49ers lose to the Baltimore Ravens, but this is going to be a fun game. The New England Patriots travel to face the Houston Texans.

This is going to be interesting for a number of reasons, but mostly because the Texans are a good team and the Patriots usually play bad teams. The Ravens beat the Patriots pretty good on Sunday Night Football a few weeks ago, so how the Texans do could be indicative of everyone’s hypothesis: the Patriots have gotten fat off an easy schedule.

Meanwhile, the NFC is loaded and the 49ers are thrown into The Gauntlet in which they are 1-1 of. I guess, just try to enjoy this. Try to.