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Richard Sherman will be ready for the Saints

The 49ers cornerback had a bit of an injury scare, but he’ll be ready to go

The San Francisco 49ers had a few injury scares in their loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Most of them are ok, but the biggest one was Richard Sherman going down in the second half. He was seen on the sidelines extending and bending his knee and later was able to walk, though a bit lethargically.

Good news is, he’s going to be ready against the Saints.

“I’ll be ready,” Sherman said. “I appreciate it. I’m an old man. Sometimes it takes a second. I might not practice every day this week, but I’ll be ready to go Sunday.”

It certainly looked like a cramp on the field. After he was tended to, Sherman tried to go back into the game on the next play, but NFL rules say an injured player must be out for at least a play before going back in.

The 49ers will be against a very good Saints offense and they will need all the secondary help they can get. They can’t afford to go 1-3 in The Gauntlet.