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Maybe this will get a chuckle or two

Onto the Saints

Remember back in the Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly days when I said “It’s not that the 49ers lose, but how”?

Well this is a good loss. Yes it’s infuriating on the boneheaded 4th down call and the fumble hurts, but it’s better than a blowout. The Ravens are red-hot, the weather was terrible, and the 49ers were on the other side of the country. Even then they held that offense to 17 points and the Ravens ran off with a field goal.

The 49ers have lost by three points or less in 2019. Twice. That’s a damn good ratio.

The thing that sucks with this loss is keeping pace with the Seattle Seahawks who seem to benefit from those same field goals that killed the 49ers, missing. I get it. But the 49ers still came in and looked good. This is a Super Bowl team, and if it’s a neutral field, I don’t think the Ravens win that.

Still, we need a bit of cheering up. So here you go. Go here if the video doesn’t appearThe 49ers now have their final game of The Gauntlet against the New Orleans Saints. A game they need to win even more now. Meanwhile, we are all Vikings fans here in Niners land.

Stay faithful, my friends.