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Did the George Kittle play win the 49ers the Super Bowl?

Interesting take, something to talk about

We’re onto Tuesday, and the big news is still the George Kittle play to win the San Francisco 49ers their third game in The Gauntlet and beat the New Orleans Saints 48-46. Wow. Just wow.

And it’s not crazy to be talking about it. Beyond being great, it’s also iconic. It’s iconic of the 49ers’ exit from The Gauntlet. A very loud stamp on their season, and also what’s needed to keep home-field hopes alive in the NFL playoffs.

But the best I heard was from Jim Rome. I know that Rome is a polarizing figure with a lot of people. Some like his takes, others find him as another talking head. If you haven’t heard him in 2019, he’s been letting people know about the 49ers at several opportunities, starting with the Cleveland Browns win back in Week 3. Of the 49ers, he’s been gushing about George Kittle.

On Mondays, Rome typically breaks down the entire NFL week that was and went through highlights but “made an exception” this week and broke format by beginning with audio from the George Kittle play and then dedicating the opening segment to talk about 49ers-Saints and just how crazy (and awesome) it was.

I lost count of how many times he played the audio from the George Kittle play because, after every sentence, it seemed like he played it again. At the end of the take (which was lengthy for Rome) he made a bold statement:

“And back to my point about how that might have been more than one game. I’m not about that “hot take” life. I’m just not. So just keep that in mind when you hear what I’m about to tell you. That Kittle play may have just won the Niners the Super Bowl. May have.”

Well then. That’s some praise. The 49ers still have a long road ahead of them. They have the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and Seattle Seahawks. None of those games are gimmes.

That said, the Kittle play was like the 49ers kicking the door open from the pit that was the Gauntlet, all beat up and saying, “Who wants some more?” Which brings me to the question I’m about to pose to the community of a 49ers site:

Is that the play? A play in the regular season that defined the 49ers? There’s still going to be something in the playoffs we’ll point to, but do you look at that play as the play that might have been the one that won the Super Bowl? Or do you think that’s too hot of a take?


Could the George Kittle play have won the 49ers the Super Bowl in December?

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