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The “Can’t Stop Kittle” shirt and hoodie have dropped

Need a new T-shirt before playoff season? Check out the new Kittle merch below!

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There is no player more marketable on San Francisco right now, and arguably the league, than tight end George Kittle. Kittle is fourth in the league in yards. He’s 234 yards behind Travis Kelce, but he also has 29 fewer targets. You already know this, but if Kittle were featured like some of the other tight ends around the league in the passing game, Kittle would shatter records. Almost like he did last season!

Kittle is fun to be around. He’s an enjoyable person that sticks up for his teammates on both sides of the ball and is always having a good time on social media. He’s the type of player the league should promote. Below are some of the latest designs for Kittle. We have more shirts in our store. Be sure to check them out!

The latest George Kittle/BreakingT collaboration is here just in time for a playoff run

Check out the new T-shirt and hoodie right here:

If you’re interested in the entire Kittle/BreakingT collaboration, check out all their merch here.

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