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The Odell Beckham Jr. rumors to the 49ers aren’t going anywhere

For good reason...his relationship with San Francisco’s quarterback.

Cleveland Browns v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Before Sunday’s games kicked off, Fox’s Jay Glazer reported that Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is unhappy with his situation and could possibly want out after this season:

Beckham Jr. has reportedly told teams to “come get him.” Additionally, several reports have said Beckham and Jimmy Garoppolo have developed a friendship, and the wideout holds head coach Kyle Shanahan “in high esteem.” Same, Odell, same. This video after the Niners thumped the Browns likely helped stir up these rumors:

Whatever Beckham said, Jimmy G responded by saying, “I got room for you, I gotcha. I know.” Naturally, the internet went crazy with the video.

If you’re judging Beckham Jr. off this season, you won’t be impressed, and you probably want nothing to do with him. Though it was reported, OBJ has been playing with a sports hernia and will require surgery in the offseason. The star receiver has 59 catches for 844 yards and only two touchdowns this season. They are two different offenses, but George Kittle, the 49ers leading receiver, has 754 yards on the season.

Here’s one source from the Yahoo link on Beckham Jr.:

“He’s lost,” another person close to Beckham told Yahoo. “Fame got to him, he made bad choices [and] now he has to redeem himself. And the road to redemption isn’t an easy one when you have an ego. “I think he was in disbelief when it first went down,” one of the Yahoo sources said. “I mean, I think he was just pretty much stunned it happened and he’s been dealing with that adjustment and other things ever since. He’s a very emotional person I think there is just a lot going on in his head when it comes to where he’s at with his career.”

More on Beckham’s friendship with Garoppolo, from Yahoo:

“He talks to Jimmy on and off the field. They have a friendship that is more than just saying hello before or after [a game]. There’s a lot of mutual respect there as football players and people — which is important [to Beckham].”

The report says Beckham Jr. has been frustrated this year due to the level he holds himself to, and the wideout hasn’t lived up to personal expectations. On Sunday, when the Browns faced the Bengals, there were plays where Beckham Jr. didn’t even huddle up with the team, reportedly. He’s unhappy with his situation. The compensation for him is likely to cut in half compared to last March.

If San Francisco is making a play for OBJ, they are effectively giving up on Dante Pettis. Emmanuel Sanders is 32 and said himself he has 2-3 years left. Deebo Samuel has a bright future, and Kendrick Bourne isn’t going anywhere. We haven’t even seen Jalen Hurd, and Trent, to a lesser extent. I’m never opposed to adding talent, especially premier talent like Beckham Jr. With that said, it’s a loaded draft class at wide receiver, and there is this thing called the salary cap. There are a lot of factors working against a scenario where the 49ers trade for Beckham Jr. Not having a second or third-round pick in the 2020 draft is another one.