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How the 49ers’ offensive scheme creates explosive plays

There was a lot of them against the Saints. Let’s break down some video.

WHAT A GAME. When the San Francisco 49ers marched into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, nobody could have anticipated a 48-46 fireworks show. Kyle Shanahan and Sean Payton went blow for blow, and Shanahan came out on top. Some of the biggest plays of the game were actually plays Shanahan already used this year; the 75-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders down the middle of the field mimics that of George Kittle’s 61 yard touchdown against Green Bay. The reverse pass from Deebo Samuel-Sanders-Raheem Mostert was a variation of the 20 yard run Deebo had against the Panthers.

According to Warren Sharp at sharpfootballstats, the 49ers are the #1 explosive pass offense, with 50 explosive plays in 422 attempts. For reference, the average is around 38. Shanahan schemes receivers wide open with consistency, using three key aspects: tendency breakers, self scouting, and pass/run ambiguity.

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