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49ers activate Kentavius Street, place D.J. Jones on IR

Ok, kid. Let’s see what you got.

Everyone knew it was coming, but now it’s official; the San Francisco 49ers have activated defensive tackle Kentavius Street. They also placed defensive tackle D.J. Jones on injured reserve.

Street was drafted in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL draft and spent his season on IR due to suffering an ACL tear during his pro day. He was placed back on IR for 2019 after he just wasn’t quite right in healing.

It’s Week 15 and now finally, over a year later, we’re going to have a chance to see what the kid can do. Since he was out a year, Street isn’t technically a rookie, but he could still be raw. Street will probably fill into the nose tackle role that D.J. Jones held until getting injured. He has tough shoes to fill. Jones had played so well he put Earl Mitchell out of a job.

Speaking of Jones, the IR was the other non-surprise. He was playing on a sprained ankle for most of the game against the New Orleans Saints and Kyle Shanahan said he [Jones] wasn’t able to walk. His season is over.

Hopefully Street is a secret weapon for the 49ers and can keep the trolley on the tracks so to speak. It’s going to be his first game with NFL action, but all you need to get pumped on the guy is this video of him squatting over 700 pounds.

The dude is strong. Now let’s see how he does in run defense. The loss of Jones is a huge blow to this stellar defensive line. Hopefully Street has learned well in the classroom and can provide immediate production. The 49ers can’t afford to take a step back now.

Plus, I just want to hear the announcers say “He goes down, and it’s Streeeeeeet.”