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Week 15 NFL rooting guide for playoff positioning

Come on Panthers, seal this deal.

Here we are again. Rooting for other teams to not ruin the fun of the San Francisco 49ers. Unlike draft positioning, determining who should win or lose is pretty simple.

This week we are fans of the Carolina Panthers. Hard fans of the Panthers. We hope that they play angry and full of rage against the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers hold that No. 1 seed, but the pesky Seattle Seahawks are still in the running.

If the Panthers can win, Seattle fans will no doubt become fans of the Los Angeles Rams next week, because if the 49ers win today and then next week after the above scenario, they lock up the NFC West. There would be no need to worry about winning in Seattle. Of course, many a Seahawk fan will be quick to point out how they beat the 49ers in the regular season, a la, the 2012 blowout with Jim Harbaugh that the 49ers shrugged off and went to the Super Bowl with after. It’s a scenario to be prepared for. Me living in Seattle, I know it’s coming if this happens.

Beyond that, I want chaos. Lots and lots of chaos.

The following are games you should care about:

Bears (7-6) at Packers (10-3): Bears. Because any 49ers fan from the 90s wants Green Bay to lose. Plus, we don’t need anyone else getting involved in this seeding business. Who doesn’t want Mitch Trubisky to seal a win in Aaron Rodgers’ house?

Colts (6-7) at Saints (10-3): Colts. Get some padding for that No. 1 Seed. I doubt New Orleans is in any way happy how last week ended and they will probably take their frustration out on the Colts via dozens of body slams and leg drops. A man can hope, though.

Browns (6-7) at Cardinals (3-9-1) Cardinals. Just in case. The Cardinals need a confidence boost before they roll into Seattle next week. The Browns can be that boost in case we need to call upon them for help.

Seahawks (10-3) at Panthers (5-8):Panthers. Seattle loses and the 49ers win this week and then the 49ers win next week? They declare victory. There’s only one way to get you fired up for that game: