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Sunday Night Football Thread: Bills v. Steelers

Enjoy Sunday Night Football if you even want to watch football right now.

That game stings. The San Francisco 49ers’ late-game inches came back to bite them and they forgot Julio Jones was the only guy on the Falcons to worry about. We’re going to beat this game to death, but it looks like they have to win out if they want that first seed. Though with what I saw today I have other questions.

Well, while I sit depressed, we have one more game. It’s the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Have fun with this one. It’s hard for me to really watch any football right now after I got so frustrated with the game, but this should be interesting.

Some of you are in your fantasy playoffs so you’ll have some players in this, to that I wish you luck.

This should be an interesting game. I think.