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49ers sustain zero injuries in Falcons loss

Well, silver lining I suppose

This one stings. The San Francisco 49ers lost a game against the Atlanta Falcons, a game they should have won. There’s a lot we’ll be breaking down through the week, but there is one silver lining:

Zero injuries.

Yes, the 49ers made an escape of a different variety by not losing anyone to injury. Yes, they have an IR list deeper than most swimming pools, but at least they did not add to it after today.

There’s really not much else I can say on “good” for this game. The 49ers’ performance, especially on defense in the final stretch was unacceptable. When Julio Jones is the only guy they should worry about and they let him run free down the middle, it’s not too surprising that he gets the touchdown, even if it’s in inches.

The 49ers will need to get right because if they want a chance at that precious No. 1 seed, they will need to win out. The Los Angeles Rams got embarrassed themselves, losing to the Dallas Cowboys 44-21. I doubt they are in any way happy with how that game went down.

Next week it might be one of the most physical games the 49ers ever face.