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Seahawks are back on top in the NFC West

Vomit again

That was fun, wasn’t it? Not only are the 49ers now looking at a No. 5 seed, they also have zero cushioning should their game against the Los Angeles Rams fall apart next week. They have shown that they are vulnerable, injuries or not. In fact, it’s unreal how many injuries this team has endured.

The loss yesterday against the Atlanta Falcons hurts. What hurts more is the fact that it now officially will come down to Seattle. With the performance on the field yesterday, I now have to say, “If it gets that far.”

Arizona Cardinals (4-9-1)

Just what the Cardinals need, a confidence boost before they are throttled in Seattle. The Cardinals beat the Cleveland Browns 38-24. It’s amazing how quickly Kenyan Drake has supplanted David Johnson as the Cardinals lead back. It was 35-17 for some of the fourth quarter, so that should give you an idea of just how bad the Cleveland Browns were playing.

The Cardinals are out of the playoffs and they have nothing to play for...but they visit Seattle this week. On the telecast of the 49ers-Falcons game, the announcers wouldn’t let off how this was the Falcons’ Super Bowl. The Cardinals may have that mentality next week. If they manage to beat Seattle, it helps if the 49ers sputter again against the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams (8-6)

I can’t decide if I should like this or hate it. The Rams were dominated by the...Dallas Cowboys? Yeah, it seems weird, but today was a weird, weird day in the NFL. Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot has 117 yards and two touchdowns while Tony Pollard had 131 yards and a touchdown to go with it. The Cowboys gashed the Rams on the field all night long and had pass catchers wide open as well. 14 of the Rams 21 points were scored in the fourth quarter while the Cowboys had a marathon.

The Rams come to Santa Clara this week, and they can’t be happy with this.

Seattle Seahawks (11-2)

And then there’s Seattle. After you lose to the Rams, just dial up Kyle Allen and his three interceptions. That makes anyone better.

The Seahawks took control of this one early and never looked back. The Panthers tried to get back into this late, but turnovers seemed to end any hopes of those happening later.

So in Carolina, the Seahawks get out with a win and with the 49ers loss, take control of the NFC West yet again. If the 49ers lose next week and the Hawks win, it’s all over and it’s 2012 all over again.

Into Week 16

You could say “Well let’s see what Seattle does,” but the 49ers play Saturday Night on primetime. Regardless they have to win since the Seahawks play the Cardinals the next day.

Two divisional matchups and the 49ers have to win out. Have fun everyone.

1st: Seattle Seahawks; Next: vs. Arizona Cardinals

2nd: San Francisco 49ers; Next: vs. Los Angeles Rams

3rd: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at San Francisco 49ers

4th [Eliminated]: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at Seattle Seahawks