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Yes, that was a Julio Jones touchdown

Let’s give credit where it was due. There’s a lot to get mad about, this was the right call.

So something interesting, yet predictable happened. The moment the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Atlanta Falcons, my phone and Facebook blew up with Seattle Seahawks fans making sure I knew who was in the lead of the NFC West. Remember, I live in Seattle, Washington. They also wanted me to know that was, in fact, a touchdown by Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones and to stop whining about it.

Then I said to myself, “No one said that wasn’t a touchdown by Julio Jones.” In the thousands of angry tweets, I and other fans had, who was denying Julio Jones didn’t have a touchdown? Turns out, a lot of people were.

Well, he did.

I hope never to see a video of that again. Ugh. I don’t know why we need to discuss this, but lets at least give credit where it’s due. The Falcons won that game. It’s not like the Fail Mary or some sort of controversial call.

As time went on that day, a lot of you were hitting me up, telling me the touchdown was bullcrap, and the 49ers got hosed by the refs. No, they didn’t. The 49ers got hosed by a defensive collapse. The 49ers got hosed by poor offense. The 49ers got hosed by missed holding calls on the D-line (yet again), the 49ers did not get hosed by a good play by Matt Ryan to Jones.

I’m not putting the video of that play up a second time, but he broke the plane. That is, in fact, a touchdown. How he scored is a question we are still looking at. How the one guy everyone and their mother knew was going to get the ball runs down the middle free is something we may never know.

But that is a touchdown, and it’s the right call.

What does bother me about this whole thing is the officiating crew ends the game (complete with a foghorn blow) then gets everyone back onto the field. Apparently, the haters liked to point out how the 49ers were conceited and shouldn’t have rushed the field because it was “obviously” going to be reviewed.

Um, no. The officials said the game was over. What are you going on about with that? If they say it’s over, everyone rushes the field. That’s not something to hold over the 49ers’ heads.

The game was over then the official around and said the play was under review. The damn foghorn blasted. When the foghorn blasts, you know either points are scored, or the 49ers won in Santa Clara. You don’t argue with the foghorn. Not ever.

The 49ers did nothing wrong after this game. Well, besides giving Jones the touchdown.

But I’m curious, is anyone really arguing that this was not a touchdown? If so...why?


Do you disagree that Julio Jones scored a touchdown?

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