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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 10-2: The chess match of the year

That was fun. Let’s do it again

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San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

All season we’ve seen the Baltimore Ravens offense come out in these spread formation looks and throw it all over teams. What do they do on a rainy day against the San Francisco 49ers? They run Lamar Jackson more times than they have all season. Jackson has 16 design runs—the most all season per ESPN Stats and info—for 70 yards. Baltimore used zone read and quarterback power on critical downs and the extra man to account for made a difference.

For the past month, likely due to injuries, the 49ers have been running more gap schemes than ever. Kyle Shanahan goes back to a heavy outside-zone based scheme, and Raheem Mostert runs wild. You could see the Ravens linebackers, almost hesitating, waiting for a pulling lineman to take on. While Baltimore’s second-level defenders were either over-pursuing imaginary pulling guards or hesitating, the Niners offensive line and George Kittle cleared the way, Mostert. Kittle dominated Sunday, just in a far different way we’re used to seeing.

That’s hardly scratching the surface of all the other chess matches that went on during the game. From a football fan’s perspective, that was as good as it gets.

We’re back with another episode of Scarlett Jimmies to recap the 49ers 20-17 loss to the Ravens. No, the sky isn’t falling. If anything, this should give you more faith in San Francisco. Kyle and Rich start out with the obvious: the coaching blunders. Here’s how the podcast goes:

  • Coaching errors to end each half
  • Penalties
  • Mostert’s career day
  • How the defense did against Lamar
  • How Garoppolo fared against the blitz, and did his turnover cost the 49ers the game?
  • Saleh’s second-half adjustments
  • Fourth downs
  • Turning point of the game
  • Player of the game
  • Go Vikings
  • Quick thoughts on next week’s matchup against the Saints

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