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Monday Night Football thread: SKOL, Vikings!

The 49ers did them a favor against Green Bay, now it’s time for them to return it.

Week 13 wraps up this evening with the Minnesota Vikings traveling to Seattle to play the Seahawks. We all know how salty I am with that team given that I live in Seattle and have to listen to it. Every. Single. Day. And it’s worse since the San Francisco 49ers lost yesterday.

I wonder how Seattle would do with the schedule the 49ers have? I mean the Ravens only owned them (Seahawks) in their house while the 49ers lost by 3 points as time expired. Must be nice playing cupcakes.

The Vikings are no cupcake. They have a chance to take the NFC North and Seattle isn’t near as good as their schedule indicates. They have their own kids table Gauntlet to go through starting with Minnesota, then they travel to face the Los Angeles Rams (who destroyed the Arizona Cardinals yesterday) and then travel to face the Carolina Panthers. All three of these games are not gimmies.

After what happened yesterday, it’s obvious the 49ers need a Seahawks loss. I really don’t want to listen to it if the Seahawks take the NFC West. And neither do you.