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McVay on when Kittle has the ball: Good luck getting him down

The Rams head coach previewed the 49ers on a recent conference call

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

It’s time for some coach speak, as Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay met with the Bay Area media to discuss this Saturday’s upcoming matchup.

On how the 49ers have evolved with their injuries from the last time the two teams faced until now

I think what you’re seeing is a great football team that can beat you in a variety of ways. Obviously, very well coached, but they have great competitors and theres a resilient mindset and mentality that this team possesses. You’ve seen them win in a variety of ways. When you see how highly ranked they are in all three phases, how sound they are schematically, and what kind of competitors they have. It’s a great challenge and it’s why they’re one of the best teams in the NFL without a doubt and it shows up on the tape.

On where the Rams are after the disappointing loss to the Cowboys this past Sunday

Clearly that wasn’t the type of showing we wanted to have. I don’t think we played well inn any phase. I don’t think that’s indicative of the type of team that we are. The thing that I do like about this football team is unfortauntely we’ve had our share of ups and downs this year, but I do like the way that our team has bounced back this year after some of our setbacks, and we know what a great challenge it will be Saturday night at Levi Stadium, and we’re excited to get a chance to go and compete.

On Andrew Whitworth and the challenges the Nick Bosa presents

Andrew’s having a really good season. He’s been the one consistent player from the start of the season. He’s been a great mentor to a lot of the players that were playing upfront. His level of play has been really impressive. But man, when you look at it, it’s a great challnege. Nick Bosa is playing outstanding. You see a relentless motor, and an extremely polished rookie. You don’t see many players at that age have that much polish to their game. Such a complete game. You can see this guy was bred to do this. Great motor. It’s going to be a great challenge. He’s been an outstanding player on one of the best defenses in the league.

On the challenges for the 49ers “system” on defense

I think they make you earn every single yard. They do a great job of being sound in both phases. I think they’ve done a great job of mixing in and having htose foundational elements where there’s an identity because defense is so reactionary driven based on what an offense presents. You want guys to be able to play fast and play decisive, but also be fundamentally sound, whether it be from a run fit standpoint or be able to play visual for the quarterback and break on things while keeping it in front while you have seven guys on the back end keeping vision on the quarterback. They’ve also done a great job in some other coverage contours and principles that really stress you. It’s really been a difficult thing. When you look at what Rob’s done in terms of implementing that, then you look at Joe Woods and what he’s brought in that he’s had a lot of success with from some of his other stops. It’s a nightmare. That’s why the production is what it is. From being extremely well-coached to being able to execute it at a high-level.

On the 49ers backfield and if there’s a difference between the three running backs

It definitely takes special preparation. They don’t really have tendencies. All of those guys are very similiar in terms of the things that make them great runners, adn they utilize them in the same ways. They’re very dangerous, they’re very multiple in ways they run the football. You’ve seen a lot of elements in the gun. Obviously they’re very well-known for the wide zone stuff. But there are a lot of mixtures, some gap and trap stuff in the tight zone stuff, some tight zone where things hit downhill quickly. I continue to come away impressed with the creativity and putting guys in good spots with the way they attack defenses in a multitude of ways, whether it’d be running it or throwing it.

On the balancing act of trying to slow down George Kittle

You have to pay attention to him, he’s a great football player. He’s a great competitor. He has the ability to win isoloations. He can win out wide, he can win in the core. They put him in the backfield. against us and ran him on a seven cut(corner route) from the backfield against a quarters structure. When the ball is in his hands, good luck getting him down. It’s a gang effort, you definitely have to be aware of him. Shoot, you mentioned all of the backs that have done a great job. Obviously Emmanuel Sanders has been doing his thing for a long time. Deebo Samuel, what a tough competitor he is. Kendrick Bourne has been great as well. You can see why this is one of the best offenses in the league. There’s a lot of problems that they pose.