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George Kittle is HANDS DOWN the Best Tight End in the NFL

Film breakdown of the heart and soul of the 49ers’ offense

After George Kittle set the single-season receiving yards record for a Tight End with 1377 in 2018, how would he follow up that performance? Kittle proved to the naysayers (c’mon Doug Gottlieb) that he is the complete package and an-all around dominant player. Though his receiving totals isn’t at a 2018 level, he’s the most efficient receiver (not just Tight End) when he runs a route, averaging 3.05 yards per route run.

This week’s episode mainly focuses on his ability as a blocker, Kittle uses proper technique, by maintaining lower pad leverage, the right amount of knee bend and a low base. There have been injuries up and down the offensive line, so Kittle has been assigned to stay in to block more than ever before. He can kick out the force player in the ground game, or block superstar defensive ends like Myles Garrett or Cam Jordan one on one.