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Sunday Night football gives us Chiefs-Bears

Cue up Die Hard or Lethal Weapon. Or any Christmas movie.

We’ll conclude tonight’s games with Sunday Night Football’s matchup of the Kansas City Cheifs vs. the Chicago Bears.

Really, I won’t be surprised if this game The Bears biggest issue has been that quarterback of theirs. The Chiefs don’t exactly have a lights out defense. If the Bears defense can show up, this could be interesting, but the Chiefs are going to score points. I doubt it’s much different with this game.

So we’ll have an open thread to talk what Christmas movies we are watching instead of this. or maybe this game is good? I know that I’m going to be missing football in another month, so I’m going to start soaking it up as much as I can. Besides, Bears-Cheifs could be really fun. It’s just that Bears offense that gives me pause.

In any case, the 49ers will be on this time slot next week so we already know there will be a better Sunday Night Football game.