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Was that scheme or getting diced?

Jalen Ramsey was not in a good mood following the 49ers win over the Rams

There are many things that are memorable here at Niners Nation, but one of the greatest will be when Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey went into a twitter war with us. Naturally, after Jimmy Garoppolo’s bomb to Emmanuel Sanders, the question was A: where was Ramsey and B: was that a play Ramsey should have been on. Well see for yourself.

Why that’s our friend Ramsey chasing him down. Look, I know that Garoppolo was far, FAR from dicing the Los Angeles Rams up. In fact, the Rams diced him more than the other way around. Garoppolo spent most of the night on his back and cramped in a collapsing pocket. It didn’t help that he stood there like a statue half the time.

But still, I gotta ask: that last play, was that scheme? Or dice? Asking for a friend.

Now let’s be clear, that entire game there was no dicing at all. In fact, Ramsey was making Jimmy Garoppolo’s life a living hell all night. He had one interception on a poorly thrown pass and helped tip away another that went to Darius Williams. Safe to say, there was no dicing or scheme with the way the 49ers played for much of the game. Well, except for that sweet, sweet third down play.

Furthermore, from what I’ve seen, diagnosed in my feeble football mind and read from smarter minds to confirm, Ramsey is in 2-man under. He’s in a good position to undercut things, if not for his safety screwing up. To say this play is Ramsey’s fault is inaccurate.

Which is the reason I bring this up. This was something the safety should have had. Those aren’t my words, those are Ramsey’s because when he was asked about the play, he instead threw safety Taylor Rapp under the bus.

“It was Rapp. We was in a form of two-man. We had adjustment checked to it because they were in condensed splits. I played my technique, trusting that he was going to be over the top. And he wasn’t. That’s what happened.”

Ramsey later said he was disappointed the Rams were not going to the playoffs, which was obvious.

The Rams are going to have some decisions to make in the 2019 offseason. Jalen Ramsey was traded for two first round picks (along with a fourth) to get Ramsey for 2019. Ramsey is slated to hit free agency in the 2020 offseason and will be due a big contract.

The Rams grabbed Ramsey in an obvious all-win move, but the loss on Sunday knocks them out of the playoffs for 2019. Now they need to move some things around to give Ramsey the money he needs. If they can’t pay him they traded two first round picks for basically a one-year rental.

Beyond the predicament the Rams are in, this is something you never see any 49er do. Even Richard Sherman who is the heart of the defense will always address the team as “we” never throws a single player under the bus.

Would you still want Ramsey if he was available in free agency? Or is he just not a culture fit now?

Oh yeah, along with my other question: Was that Emmanuel Sanders bomb scheme or dice?

Again. Just asking for a friend.