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How confident are you in Robert Saleh after the Rams game?

Another massive points giveaway.

If the 49ers win, Robert Saleh’s seat is obviously not hot. That said, he’s once again given up a massive amount of points. Thirty-one points to the Los Angeles Rams. Many of them had you left scratching your head.

Now, let’s first acknowledge that the defense did show up on a few key series. Fred Warner’s pick-six certainly helped. There was some good.

But then there’s the bad. A lot of bad. Where do we start? Well, 0 sacks on Jared Goff for one thing. And yes, the 49ers don’t have Dee Ford Or D.J. Jones. Or Ronald Blair. You know who they still have? Deforest Buckner, Arik Armstead, and Nick Bosa. We all know there’s an expected drop in production, but zero?

And Bosa was definitely a busy man on Saturday night. I don’t know how many times he’s in Goff’s grill disrupting things. All disruptions aside: Zero sacks.

Then there’s the secondary — namely one Ahkello Witherspoon. Kyle Shanahan said Witherspoon wasn’t happy with his play Saturday. But it’s not just Saturday, Witherspoon has looked off. Aside from Witherspoon, a lot of the misfires were more on Jared Goff having moments of realizing he’s Jared Goff.

But forget Witherspoon, I have two more words for you: Tyler Higbee. Every time you look at the screen, the Rams’ tight end is making a catch. Did they even bother adjusting to this guy? Or did they wait until he got injured and was no longer a factor? Nine catches for 104 yards? You think that’s enough?

Oh, and he’s not the only one to get a bill — 117 yards to Robert Woods. There are 221 yards right there.

And then as a whole, when the defense needed stops in the final minutes of the game, the defense couldn’t. Clamp. Down. They needed Jimmy Garoppolo 3:16 to save the day.

Saleh’s seat isn’t hot, except with the fans, but nevertheless, it’s time to bring out the Heat-O-Meter. This time, look at it on how much patience you’re running out of. How hot is Robert Saleh’s seat with you?


Hot hot is Robert Saleh’s seat after 49ers-Rams

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  • 5%
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  • 19%
    Feeling hot, hot, hot
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  • 34%
    Nice and warm
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  • 24%
    Just sat down
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  • 16%
    It’s got icicles hanging from it...and Pat you have too much time on your hands.
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