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Bengals lock in No. 1 pick for 2020 NFL Draft

Isn’t it nice when we aren’t rooting for this?

Big news in the NFL on Sunday: the Miami Dolphins won this week’s Toilet Bowl over the Cincinnati Bengals and therefore the Bengals have locked in the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Beyond Cincinnati is yet to be decided. The Bengals were 1-13 going into Sunday’s game, this loss makes it impossible for them to get to the three wins the the next best record in the NFL which is three wins shared by Washington and the New York Giants.

A year ago, we were reporting on the draft order weekly, doing mock drafts, and telling you who to root for so the San Francisco 49ers could get the best draft positioning. This year, they are right now in control of their destiny for the No. 1 seed and that precious week 1 bye for the playoffs.

Below is the draft order going into Week 17 without the playoff teams per Tankathon. It will be set for all teams not scheduled for the playoffs after next week. Note, these are taken following the afternoon games and while Tankathon is quick to update, there might be some numbers not updated following the teams’ wins. The Monday night game has not been played yet as of this writing. Both the teams in that game (Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings) have made the playoffs, however it can affect other teams’ strength of schedule.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (1-14 .560 SOS)
2. Washington (3-12, .500 SOS)
3. Detroit Lions (3-11-1, .509 SOS)
4.New York Giants (4-11, .473 SOS)
5. Miami Dolphins (4-11, .492 SOS)
6. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10, .481 SOS)
7. LA Chargers (5-10, .509 SOS)
8. Carolina Panthers (5-10, .546 SOS)
9. Arizona Cardinals (5-9-1, .531 SOS)
10. NY Jets (6-9, .475 SOS)
11. Denver Broncos (6-9, .517 SOS)
12. Cleveland Browns (6-9, .527 SOS)
13. Atlanta Falcons (6-9, .554 SOS)
14. Oakland Raiders (7-8, .470 SOS)
15. Dallas Cowboys (7-8, .479 SOS)
16. Indianapolis Colts (7-8, .485 SOS)
17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8, .500 SOS)
18. Chicago Bears (pick traded to Oakland) (7-8 .506 SOS)
19. Pittsburgh Steelers (pick traded to Miami) (8-7, .502 SOS)
20. Los Angeles Rams (pick traded to Jacksonville) (8-7, .540 SOS)